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2009:: May | August | September | November

Foundation Training in Agility for Jolie!

May 3, 2009

Teaching Jolie the beginnings of obstacle focus (this also works to teach blind searches)!

around chair

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August 10, 2009

Changing RELEASE WORD from OK to BREAK so she will come to me; release to toy with GET IT!



Nose Target - no contact board (pretty good)



Nose Target - with contact board (some problems)



Lateral Work (look at me - hand down / look at toy - hand up)



Weave Poles (xpens) - day 3 - next step add wires open pens up



1 Jump Work - recall to front / recall to side / work on stay at start line


Bodhi and Jolie - Set Point Jump August 11, 2009



6 Weave Poles in park - September 2009

This is day 2 on six poles. She did six more naturally in the yard at home. But i can only use this park on saturdays and sundays - all other days include about 200 kids as distraction training and she isn't ready for that yet!

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Bringing It All Together - September 2009

ok. so things are not perfect. we are troubleshooting dropped bars - sometimes she drops them with her front end. sometimes the rear end. front end appears because he jumps first without a set point. rear end could be watching me (or ball).... need more insight into this... more video too. but weave poles - up to 12. mostly on the first time. contacts. weak nose touch but she does move towards the end contact without me (independance!) so all is coming together. she loves it too!


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Jolie's First Agility Jumper's Run - Hollister, CA